National System for
Terrorist Alert:


Anti-Terrorist Hotline

Citizens can call to alert us on suspicious events that could generate terrorist actions. The line is operating 24/7.
0800.800.100 - The Antiterrorist toll free telephone line

Since March 20th, 2004 a free of charge phone no. – TELVERDE 0800.800.100 is available at SRI’s Antiterrorist Operational Coordination Center (CCOA). Citizens can call and notify about possible terrorist risks. Operators will attend calls 24/7.

Main categories of relevant information:

  • individuals  interested in obtaining substances that could be used for terrorist purposes;
  • individuals who illegally manufacture, possess, transport or handle weapons, ammunition or substances that could be used for terrorist purposes;
  • actions aimed at disturbing the functioning of high importance strategic objectives;
  • repeated or prolonged presence of unauthorized persons in the proximity of locations that could become targets of terrorist attacks (foreign diplomatic missions, the headquarters of international institutions etc.)
  • the inexplicable interest of certain individuals in studying or obtaining data regarding locations relevant from a social and economic point of view;
  • persons who film or take photos of objectives where this is forbidden;
  • a vehicle stationed for a long time and without a reason in the proximity of high importance objectives, diplomatic missions and / or other crowded places;
  • civilians who monitor crowded places (train or metro stations, airports, large commercial centers, touristic, sports or cultural sites);
  • if, without apparent reason, someone asks you or other people questions about the working hours of certain institutions, rush hours, the change of guard at embassies etc.;
  • individuals who examine railroads, roads, metro or air transport routes attentively, without plausible reasons for doing so;


In case you suspect a potential terrorist risk, please call our toll-free line on 0800800100 .

0800 800 100 Anti-Terrorist Hotline

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