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SRI offers more than a job. If you are dynamic and responsible, if you want to improve and constantly learn new things, SRI is the place for you to build a career.

SRI demands the best of you and offers you the opportunity to work with the best. It offers you trust, time and resources, enabling you to become a true professional, part of an elite team.

SRI encourages you to achieve excellence and expand your knowledge, abilities, and skills both in your area of expertise as well as in complementary fields.

If you have the necessary training, determination, and perseverance, in the SRI team you will be able to build your career step by step, as here you will enjoy equal opportunities in a transparent and competitive environment.

When you consider a career in SRI, you must assess both the advantages and the responsibilities. In order to have a clear picture of the eligibility criteria, but also of the obligations you embrace once employed, please access the Profiles section.


We believe in the superior potential of action provided by a team whose members come from various professional and social backgrounds.

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Who are we? What is our background? How do we work? Essential questions that get answers from active officers…

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