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SRI is the main Romanian intelligence service specialized in the gathering, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence collected from inside the country. Its mission is to identify, prevent, and counter threats to national security as stipulated by law.

SRI is part of the national defense, public order, and national security system.

According to the law, every citizen is entitled to submit requests in their own name to the Citizen Relations Office of SRI.

Within a maximum of 30 days from submitting the request, SRI must provide you with an answer to the request.

According to the law, all the data gathered or managed within the intelligence work, including personal data, are classified as state secrets and are protected accordingly.

The information on the private life, honor, or reputation of individuals uncovered incidentally, while gathering data of national security, cannot be made public. Moreover, if it is not relevant to national security, it is immediately erased.

Personal data held by SRI are erased or destroyed if, as a result of carrying out activities stipulated by the law, it is found that the data are incorrect, that there is no danger to national security or if suspicions are not confirmed. The general rule is that when the data are not of interest for the national security, they are erased or destroyed. The data supplied with the consent of the individual in order to carry out security vetting as stipulated by the law are an exception to this rule.

According to the laws and regulations in force, intelligence in the field of national security can be provided to the following beneficiaries:

  • the Romanian President, the President of the Senate, the President of the Chamber of Deputies as well as the Standing Committees for Defense and Public Order of the two Chambers of the Parliament;
  • ministers and heads of departments in ministries, when the information is related to the fields of activity under their coordination or in their responsibility;
  • prefects, the general mayor of the Capital as well as chiefs of the county councils, respectively that of the Municipality of Bucharest, for issues within their competence;
  • criminal prosecution bodies, when the information concerns the perpetration of a criminal offence.

Information is provided with the approval of the SRI Director.

SRI employs graduates of the “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy, as well as valuable specialists in various fields of interest for SRI, who have undertaken a specialization course organized by the Service. For further details, please visit the Careers section.

SRI has young employees. The average age in the SRI is 37.

SRI employees are elite professionals with high moral and professional standards.

Those interested to become SRI employees are encouraged to attend Bachelor and Master programs offered by the “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy.

If you attended the theoretical courses of other universities or you specialized in a field of interest for the institution, you can submit a letter of intent together with your résumé to SRI.

Depending on the content of your request, you can contact our institution as follows:

According to the law, the activity of SRI is classified as state secret and protected accordingly. Thus, in line with the Government Decision 585/2002, access to locations where state secrets are being handled is strictly forbidden to those who do not hold a security certificate.

Citizen Relations Office is at 14 Libertatii Blvd., 5th District, Bucharest.

Access to classified information depends on whether one has a security certificate issued by the leader of the institution holding such information. The certificate is issued on a need-to-know basis, and is based on the security clearance issued by the National Registry Office for Classified Information (ORNISS). Access to restricted information is granted in accordance with the authorization issued by the head of the institution where the respective person is employed.

The mission of SRI is not to monitor people, but to identify, prevent, and counter threats to national security.

Based on the authorizations issued by judges of the High Court of Cassation and Justice, SRI intercepts only the communications of those individuals involved in activities that, according to the law, pose a threat to national security.

In order to carry out its mission, SRI has access to the databases of other authorities and public institutions as stipulated by law, with the strict observance of citizens’ rights and freedoms.

Phone interceptions are conducted with the strict observance of legal provisions, in well motivated cases, based on warrants valid for six months and issued by judges.

According to general legal provisions and decisions of the Supreme Council of National Defense, the main threats include espionage activities on the Romanian territory, cross-border organized crime, terrorism, and other actions undermining the rule of law.

SRI publishes the Intelligence magazine, which is posted on the Service website. Moreover, within the educational projects on national security, SRI disseminates leaflets describing its activity and giving information on how Romanian citizens can contribute to the identification, prevention, and countering of the threats to national security.

You can find more information on the organization and functioning of SRI, the rights and obligations of SRI personnel as well as on the position and role of the institution within the defense, public order, and national security system by visiting the Legislation section.

At the request of natural and legal persons in the private sector, SRI offers specialized consultancy services for the protection of classified information held by the former. It also provides consultancy on the prevention of information leaks. Specialized assistance is offered at cost.

SRI offers specialized, free of charge assistance to natural and legal persons in the private sector that carry out assignments for the state for the duration and within the provisions of the contract. It also assists those entities that carry out research or production activities in matters of national interest.

Although espionage or organized crime activities seem the stuff of movies, such activities are indeed conducted every day in real life and anyone can become subject to them either of their own free will or not. SRI encourages all Romanian citizens to be alert to the particular interest that someone can show towards them in direct contact or in the virtual environment and promptly signal these suspicions to the competent authorities.

Suspicions of a terrorist risk can be shared with us by calling antiterrorist hotline. SRI carefully examines all suspicions of which it is informed. To this end, it employs important resources, so please use this phone number responsibly. We should mention that giving warning without reason is punishable by law.

In carrying out its duties, SRI cooperates with institutions with responsibilities in the field of national security (the Ministry of Administration and Interior, the Foreign Intelligence Service, the Guard and Protection Service, the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Justice, the Special Communications Service), with the Public Ministry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment, the General Directorate of Customs as well as with the other institutions of the public administration.

SRI is the technical coordinator of the National System for the Prevention and Countering of Terrorism (SNPCT).

SRI also cooperates with partner services and organizations and is a member of the most select intelligence clubs in the world.

Given their specific activity, any intelligence service in the world is discreet; their pursuits are protected by the law of each state.

SRI cannot carry out criminal investigation activities, cannot detain or place somebody in preventive custody and does not have its own detention facilities.

However, in case of a serious crime against national security, of a terrorist attack or any acts in preparation of such crimes, if they are punishable by law, SRI officers can detain the perpetrator and immediately hand him over to the competent judiciary bodies together with the inspection report and corpus delicti.

The law guarantees the right of every person to address to the Standing Committee of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies for Parliamentary Oversight of the SRI Activity. This can be done whenever you believe your rights and freedoms have been infringed upon by the use of intelligence gathering means or if you are aware that SRI has breached the Constitution or other legal provisions during its activity.

You can also contact the Citizen Relations Office of SRI to report your suspicions regarding irregularities in the activity of SRI or of its representatives.

Moreover, according to the Constitution, anyone can resort to the legal means available in order to defend his/her rights, freedoms and interests.

0800 800 100 Anti-Terrorist Hotline

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