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CYBERINT – ”Considerations on Challenges and Future Directions in Cybersecurity”
1 November 2019

The National CYBERINT Center and the National Cybersecurity Incident Response Center (CERT-RO) released a report (Considerations on Challenges and Future Directions in Cybersecurity), drafted under the aegis of the Romanian Association for Information Security (ARASEC).

In the context of the increasing threats from cyberspace, the process of ensuring and developing cyber resilience has become a high-priority topic and a global necessity. Cooperation among public organizations and private entities is a key element in this respect. At the same time, it is important that all stakeholders have a good understanding of the activities carried out in cyberspace and promote an appropriate cybersecurity approach.

The report regarding the “Considerations on Challenges and Future Directions in Cybersecurity” gives us a measure of the importance of cybersecurity by exploring its multidisciplinary nature and addressing a number of key issues. The 30 articles and opinions of experts from the private, public and academic sectors address key cybersecurity aspects such as the human resource, cooperation, education, awareness, regulations, national security prospects and the main challenges in this field.

In the report, the National CYBERINT Center addresses two topics that are particularly relevant from a cybersecurity standpoint:

The article on „People and Machines: Dealing with the Human Factor in Cybersecurity” tackles the human factor from two perspectives. On the one hand, people – in their capacity as users of the systems – can be a vulnerability, as they often become the targets and victims of cyber attacks. The upside on the other hand is that the human factor is also a key resource when it comes to preventing and countering cyber threats. In this context, the education process, as well as the awareness activities, are essential for ensuring a high level of cybersecurity culture and especially for creating and training a critical mass of cybersecurity experts.

The article on „Threats and Challenges. A National Cybersecurity Perspective” addresses the field of cybersecurity from the perspective of current and future challenges by providing a thorough analysis of the cyber threats that Romania is currently facing. These threats come from strategically, financially or ideologically motivated actors. The main legislative issues related to this field are also dealt with, focusing on the need to adapt them to the current threats and future developments in the field of cybersecurity. The article outlines the main trends impacting on the cybersecurity of the IT&C infrastructures that are critical for national security.

The report is available here (in English).