Serviciul Roman de Informatii


Foreigner declared as undesirable for 10 years
09 April 2019

At SRI's suggestion, the Bucharest Court of Appeal has ruled on declaring the foreign national T.M. as an undesirable person for a period of 10 years for acts which, in accordance with the provisions of article 3, letter i and l of Law no. 51/1991, are considered threats to national security. The ruling of the Bucharest Court of Appeal is enforced by the General Inspectorate for Immigration of the Ministry of Administration and Interior.

T.M. is the beneficiary of a student visa and has become a person of interest for the Service at the beginning of 2018, following information according to which he was involved in support activities to the benefit of a terrorist entity from the Middle East.

SRI's priority mission is to prevent violent acts of terror from being carried out against communities in Romania. To this end, SRI cooperates with agencies from the National System for Preventing and Countering Terrorism, as well as foreign partners.

Romania, as a member state of the United Nations Organization, is under the obligation:

  • to refuse the stay on its national territory of those who finance, plan, support or carry out acts of terror or to offer them safe haven to this end;
  • to prevent those who finance, plan, facilitate or carry out acts of terror from using Romanian territory to these purposes against other states or their citizens.