Serviciul Roman de Informatii


Reorganization of the Romanian Intelligence Service into regions
9 October 2019

Starting with September 1, 2019 the Romanian Intelligence Service was reorganized into regions.

Territorial units are no longer county-organized; 11 regional intelligence directorates (DRI) were created, each of them having legal powers over several counties:

  • DRI Moldova North, responsible for the counties of Iaşi (main office), Botoşani, Neamț, Suceava and Vaslui;
  • DRI Moldova South, responsible for the counties of Galați (main office), Bacău, Brăila, Buzău and Vrancea;
  • DRI Dobrogea, responsible for the counties of Constanța (main office), Călăraşi, Ialomița and Tulcea;
  • DRI Bucharest, responsible for Bucharest (main office), as well as the counties of Ilfov and Giurgiu;
  • DRI Muntenia, responsible for the counties of Prahova (main office), Argeş, Dâmbovița and Teleorman;
  • DRI Oltenia, responsible for the counties of Dolj (main office), Gorj, Olt, Mehedinți and Vâlcea;
  • DRI Center, responsible for the counties of Braşov (main office), Covasna, Harghita and Mureş;
  • DRI Transylvania South, responsible for the counties of Sibiu (main office), Alba and Hunedoara;
  • DRI Banat, responsible for the counties of Timiş (main office), Arad and Caraş-Severin;
  • DRI Transylvania West, responsible for the counties of Cluj (main office), Bihor and Sălaj;
  • DRI Maramureş, responsible for the counties of Maramureş (main office), Satu-Mare and Bistrița-Năsăud.

The reorganization solution was validated based on a pilot testing process which was carried out in 2018.

The Service will maintain its presence and will continue to fulfill its missions throughout the territory of Romania, as the new structure is meant to provide the institutional framework needed to adapt the Service’s activity to the current threat dynamics. Likewise, the Service’s reorganization into regions is aimed at optimizing the flow of information sent to the legal beneficiaries.

Contact information of the newly-established Regional Intelligence Directorates:

DRI Moldova North – Iaşi, 3 Sfântul Lazăr street, Iaşi county, phone no. 0377732500

DRI Moldova South – Galați, 1 Calea Prutului,  Galaţi county, phone no. 0377736500

DRI Dobrogea – Constanţa, 3 Atelierelor street, Constanţa county, phone no. 0377741500

DRI Bucharest – Bucharest, 10 Paciurea street, sector 2, phone no. 0377724805 (for relations with the citizens, please use the contact details of the specialized department)

DRI Muntenia – Ploieşti, 24 Stadionului street, Prahova county, phone no. 0377744500

DRI Oltenia – Craiova, 32 Amaradia street,  Dolj county, phone no. 0377751500

DRI Center – Braşov, 10 Prundului street, Braşov county, phone no. 0377768500

DRI Transylvania South – Sibiu, 8 Revoluţiei street, Sibiu county, phone no. 0377769500

DRI Banat – Timişoara, 47 Calea Sever Bocu, Timiş county, phone no. 0377756500

DRI Transylvania West – Cluj-Napoca, 27 Traian street, Cluj county, phone no. 0377764500

DRI Maramureş – Baia Mare, 55 Republicii Avenue, Maramureş county, phone no. 0377762500