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General Airport Rules

Complying with a set of rules greatly minimizes the risk of incidents that may negatively impact the life/ integrity of people or air transport facilities.

Carrying out screening process is a prerequisite for traveling on an airplane and non-compliance with such screening process may entail cancellation or interruption of the journey.

Screening process involves the implementation, individually or in combination, of different specific methods and techniques. The equipment used may include: walk-through metal detection equipment, hand-held metal detection equipment, X-ray equipment, explosives detection systems, explosives trace detection equipment, liquid explosive detection system, body scanners.

Apart from that, there are also measures such as: random control (automatically generated by the system, in a percentage established by procedures), request to take off footwear or belts, request to take electronic equipment out of the cabin baggage, restrictions on the carriage of liquids or conducting a security interview.

Depending on the alert level or a specific destination, more stringent screening process may be applied.